The following is a list of all required equipment for your child to play ice hockey. If you're new to the sport, buying each piece and wondering just how it's suppose to fit can be a bit overwhelming. We'll try to simplify this part for you.

  • Helmet with full cage.
    • Helmets have many safety measures and certifications. Much like a childs car seat, helmets have stickers showing manufacture and expiry dates. Make sure your helmet is not expired. 
    • Face cages come in two main styles. Wire (as pictured below) and visor(half plastic visor with a bottom plastic cage). We recommend wire cages for ease of use. Visors easily fog up and scratch.
  • Neck guard
    • Come in two styles. A strap that wraps around the neck a fuller style that has an extra piece that covers the bottom on the neck/top of the chest and fits under the shoulder pads. Either is acceptable.
  • Shoulder pads
  • Elbow pads
  • Gloves
  • Support cup (jock or jill strap)
    • New cups come with what look like basketball shorts. These can also come with velcro straps at the leg openiongs to stick to the hockey socks and hold them up.
  • Pants (that are really shorts)
    • These should come to the knee, not lower.
  • Knee pads
    • Should fully cover the knee and skin, extending down to just below the tongue of the skate.
  • Skates
    • Half or a full size larger is usually OK, but not small.
  • Stick
    • wood or composite makes little difference. Cut the stick so that when your child is on skates the stick at the chin.
  • Jersey and socks


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