Code of Conduct

The Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association (MCHA) believes in providing a community-based hockey program where participants have fun, learn hockey skills, and develop teamwork and sportsmanship abilities. As stated by Hockey Canada,
“From the pond to the pros, success in hockey begins with respect. Players who respect themselves, teammates, opponents, coaches, trainers, game officials, administrators, parents and fans develop winning attitudes both on and off the ice”
The purpose of the MCHA Code of Conduct is to identify the standards of behaviour expected of all participants involved in MCHA activities. This Code of Conduct, along with the MCHA Respect & Inclusion policy is intended to provide a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for all participants.
The following term has meaning in this Code of Conduct:

“MCHA participant” - includes (but is not limited to) players, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers, executives, team managers, and trainer

In addition to the MCHA Code of Conduct, MCHA fully supports the spirit of the Hockey Canada Fair Play Code. Participants should review and accept the Fair Play code that pertains to them.

Code of Conduct
  1. MCHA participants shall promote core values of sportsmanship, fair play and respect for coaches, officials, players and fans.
  2. MCHA participants shall avoid behaviour which brings the MCHA and the broader hockey community into disrepute.
  3. MCHA participants shall not engage in any activity which endangers the safety of others.
  4. MCHA participants shall refrain from comments and behaviours that are disrespectful, offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, or exclusionary. Comments and behaviour which constitutes harassment, abuse or bullying will not be tolerated.
  5. There is zero-tolerance of harassment or abuse (physical, verbal or written) directed at league officials, game officials, convenors, coaches, players or arena staff.
  6. Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action.

Respect and Inclusion

The Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association (MCHA) believes in promoting a safe environment for athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators. We believe in treating every person with respect and dignity in an inclusive space. A safe, fair and inclusive hockey environment is not to be treated as aspirational but as an imperative.
It is a core principle of MCHA that it is a basic human right to be accepted by your teammates and coaches regardless of race, sex, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background or gender identity. All individuals have the right to be included and treated equitably in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment.
The purpose of the MCHA Respect & Inclusion Policy is to ensure a safe and positive environment by making individuals aware that there is an expectation, at all times, of appropriate and respectful behaviour. These policies are consistent with governing organizations (e.g., the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL)).
The following terms have meanings in this policy:
  • “Diversity” – the presence and integration of a variety of individuals with different personal characteristics, particularly Under-Represented Groups, in a group organization
  • “Inclusion” – acceptance of individuals with diverse personal characteristics into a group or organization regardless of those characteristics
  • “Equity” – fairness afforded to individuals with diverse personal characteristics regardless of those characteristics
Inclusion is pro-active behaviours, options and actions to make people from all backgrounds, ages and abilities feel welcome, respected and that they belong at your club. Being inclusive is about following best practice for what sport should be so that everyone can get the most out of it.
Commitment to Confidentiality
MCHA recognizes the privacy rights and safeguards the confidentiality of all players.
Commitment to Education
Coaches complete the mandatory “Respect in Sport Activity Leader/Coach Program” and “Gender Identity Training” as well as completing Police vulnerable sector background checks.
The Respect in Sport Activity Leader Program educates youth leaders, coaches, officials and participants to recognize, understand and respond to issues of bullying, abuse, harassment and discrimination (BAHD).
Commitment to Action
Where an individual is not being treated with respect and inclusion, or if personal accommodations are required in order to be able to participate fully, please notify your coach or the President of MCHA.
More Information
The most recent policies for governing organizations can be found at the links below. Each organization has a specific policy to address Harassment, Abuse, and Bullying.

Registration Cancellation Policy

Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association (MCHA) recognizes that the costs associated with hockey are significant. The ability to request a refund early in the hockey season provides reassurance to families that they will be able to recoup the bulk of their registration fees should they be unable to continue the season (e.g., due to illness, injury, change of circumstances etc.).
The purpose of the Mimico Canadiens Hockey Association (MCHA) registration cancellation policy is to provide a framework for processing refund requests in a given hockey season.
The following terms have meanings in this policy:
  • “Hockey Season” – encompasses the first practice or game (whichever occurs first) up to and including the final championship game.
The following table applies to refunds at request of the registrant (i.e., player)
Timing of refund request
Timing of refund request
Until midnight the day before the season begins
100% of registration fees (less $50 administrative fee)
1st – 14th day of house league
season 75% of registration fees (less $50 administrative fee)
15th – 30th day of house league
season 50% of registration fees (less $50 administrative fee)
Greater than 30 days after
season starts 0% of registration fee refunded
Terms & Conditions
  • Refund requests can be made in writing by email to the treasurer or registrar
  • Up to 2 weeks may be required to process a refund
  • Uniforms and equipment must be returned to MCHA
  • Refunds will be processed to the original method of payment
Partial Cancellation of Season
In the event of a disruption to the hockey season which suspends MCHA activity (e.g., due to pandemic, equipment failure, cancellation of arena permits), a pro-rated refund will be calculated and issued. This refund will consider costs incurred (e.g., insurance, uniforms), an administrative fee, and will be based on number of games/practices missed due to shutdown.
  • Up to 2 weeks may be required to process a refund
  • Refunds will be processed to the original method of payment

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